The Flexiloo® luxury toilet system is designed to fold for transportation and is fully portable and easily moved and installed by one person using the Flexiloo® trolley. It is intended to be installed in covered areas and is not suitable for use outside without suitable protection from weather, e.g. building, marquee or temporary structure.

There are modules to provide cubicles (Patented: GB2432853), urinals, vanity units and accessible cubicles available. As each module width is based on multiples of 0.9m it is possible to install the modules in any order to provide flexible arrangements for any number of guests or configuration.

The system is primarily designed for use with vacuum drainage with low water usage and no need for chemicals but can be manufactured with a conventional gravity system if required.

System Requirements

SITING – A firm level base protected from weather.

POWER – A basic 3+1 setup will need 1x13amp single phase supply (240v) for the pump assembly (1.5kw) and 1x13amp single phase supply (240v) for water heating and lighting (3kw). Larger installations will require additional supplies depending on total equipment provided.

WATER – One supply normally required @ minimum 2 bar (max. 5 bar), but can be supplied using tanks and booster pump if necessary. 


FlexilooFirst Date 15Mb Pump Module

FlexilooFirst Standard Cubicle

FlexilooFirst Urinal 900 Single

FlexilooFirst Vanity Classic 900 Master

FlexilooFirst Vanity Classic 900 Slave