Trademark Guidelines

Flexiloo First Logo

Flexiloo™ is a registered trademark. We would ask that all of our business partners, representatives and customers use our trademark appropriately. Please familiarise yourself with the use of our trademarks by reading these guidelines.

Always ensure that our trademark is used properly, and that it is accompanied by the trademark symbol (™). The examples below will help you determine when to use the trademark, and how to use it correctly. In-depth trademark information is available on request.

A trademark is nearly always an adjective that describes a specific entity (person, place or thing).  Use the Flexiloo™ trademark only as a proper adjective.  Do not use the trademark as a noun or verb.

The right way to designate a trademark is to place its symbol (™) just behind the trademark (which is used in the same way as an adjective), before the noun it modifies eg: Flexiloo™

Never use a trademark in a possessive or plural form. 

Do not alter or change the trademark or use several trademarks together. 

Avoid using a capital first letter in the noun modified by the trademark. 

Company names are NOT trademarks and should NOT include the TM symbol.