Flexiloo First

FlexilooFirst™ was launched in 2006 and quickly became the bestselling folding toilet system world wide. The innovative folding design, which includes the Patented Cubicle:GB2432853, was created to enable clients to have totally integrated facilities in any indoor or covered situation.

The modular design, made of high quality, lightweight but extremely strong composite panels with High Pressure Laminate faces, has been developed to enable folding to approximately one third of its installed size, making transport and handling easy and cost effective. A special trolley is used to move and position FlexilooFirst™ making access through doorways and buildings possible. All components are based on a width of 0.9m allowing them to be installed in any configuration.

FlexilooFirst™ was designed to utilise the advantages of the Jets™ Vacuum System. These include very low water usage and absence of any chemical additives. Also, being independent of gravity, long transportation of waste through small bore pipes is possible. Alternatively, if required, conventional gravity systems can be installed in FlexilooFirst™ systems.

FlexilooFirst™ is ideal for long or short term events and is particulary suited for use when refurbishment of existing mains toilets is being carried out. It has been carefully designed to ensure a top quality product and once set up it gives a permanent feel to temporary installations. 


  • strong, lightweight panels clad in easy clean High Pressure Laminate
  • lightweight aluminium space frames for strength & rigidity
  • continuous hinges on folding panels ensures privacy & rigidity
  • Jets™ Vacuum technology or conventional gravity system

Environmental Benefits

  • Jets™ vacuum technology – less water use – no chemicals
  • infra red (automatic) taps – less water use
  • lightweight & folds to approximately assembled size – deliver multiple systems at one time

Operational Benefits

  • easily moved on special trolley – installed rapidly with low labour requirement
  • no steps – floor level access
  • sanitary ware protected when modules are folded for transportation
  • module width base 0.9m makes it possible to install modules in any order – allows flexible configurations
  • pump direct to drains or remote storage tanks. Tanks can be emptied during operation – no downtime
  • cost effective transportation – deliver numbers of systems at one time
  • most panels can be replaced if damage occurs
  • carpet or vinyl floor coverings are easily replaced – hygienic & perfect for corporate theming


  • large choice of laminate designs from market leaders i.e. Formica, Polyrey, Abet, Wilson Art, etc
  • Jets™ Vacuum technology or conventional gravity system
  • infra red (automatic) or percussion taps
  • carpet or vinyl floor coverings are easily replaced – hygienic & perfect for corporate themeing
  • DVD & music available
  • supplied with any combination of cubicles, vanity basins & urinals
  • choice of fixtures & fittings