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With the experience gained from operating a luxury toilet hire company, Andrew Hay started designing the Flexiloo® toilet system in 2004, having identified a need for a more elegant indoor solution that would be easy to move around, up stairs and through doorways.

The company worked on producing a lightweight, high quality product that folded neatly. A critical part of the system would be vacuum technology which used freshwater flush toilets moving away from chemical additive. After researching vacuum toilets, it was obvious that the Jets™ system was the right product to use. The great advantage of the Jets™ design is that it has a low water requirement, is extremely compact, efficient and reliable.

In October 2006, the Flexiloo®First was launched at the Showman's Show in Newbury, which is a major exhibition of products & services for the outdoor & special events sector in the UK. It had a great impact and everyone at Flexiloo® was heartened by the enthusiastic reception to the idea. As outdoor events & festivals have become more popular over the last few years, we see great potential among quality conscious customers who refuse to accept sub-standard sanitation at prestigious events.

Flexiloo® systems are now available to hire throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East and enquiries continue to come in from all over the world.

The product range keeps expanding, with Flexiloo®VT trailers becoming more and more popular with the public as they offer a high standard of comfort and hygiene. Flexiloo®22 is being launched this year, catering for the large public event market as well as humanitarian relief and emergencies.

We have an ongoing process of development and updating: new products will continue to be manufactured and brought to the market.

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